Monday, July 4, 2011

Tamaki Technology

Every Monday morning our Yr 7 and Year 8 students walk down to Tamaki College to have Technology. There are 5 Tech classes which are Electronics, Science, Cooking, Wood Tech, and Graphics. The teacher for Electronics is Mr Malhotra. This year is Mr Malhotra’s first year teaching at Tamaki College.

The teacher for Science is Mr Dewan. Science is the Technology class that I’m in now. Science is really cool because we use things like Fire, Bunsen Burners and other things like Matches.
In our Science Lab we had to melt an ice cube to see how fast it would melt and we also had to see if the water will boil. When we started to light up the Bunsen burner we put our water on top and then we placed our thermometer on top. The ice melted faster in hot water.

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