Friday, March 11, 2011

Procedure:How to put a tent up

Materials:pegs,poles,cover,string,tent,bag and hammer.


Step1:Make sure that you check that you have all the equipment you need to use when you are putting up a tent.

Step2:Look for a flat location where you can put your tent up.

Step3:Make sure you remove any sticks or sharp things that you know will make the tent get holes.

Step4:Make sure that the poles are all connected.

Step5:Then make sure that the pegs are all ready so that when it comes to putting up your tent your pegs will be ready to go.

Step6:After you have finished doing that their should be another pole.

Step7:Now in your tent their should be a string at the top where you tie it on to your pole so that it makes the tent stay up.

Last Step:The very last step is to check if everything is everything is good and check if you have tightened the pegs up properly and tightly.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 here we come

This year is the first year ever that Point England has had their ever first year eights. I feel so special that I get to be one of those people. During our class times here there have still been construction work going on around us. Even though it gets noisy at times we do get annoyed but we still try our best to concentrate on what we have to do in class. This year I have also been in a beautiful new classroom with completely new students that I don’t really know. I have got on really well with all of them. Also in our classroom this year is going to be a mixture of years 7&8 students.
This year I am really looking forward to working with our brand new net books and I am also looking forward to cooperating and blending in with some new friends. I know that this year is going to be a great and successful year.2011 here we come!!!