Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why are we one of the RICHEST kids in the world!!!

This morning at assembly our school principal came to talk to us about how and ‘why we are one of the richest children in the world’.

Our Principal Mr Burt told us that we were one of the richest kids in the world because we have better school buildings and that we have more money than other people in the world. He has just come back from over seas and he says that the movies that come on TV may look fancy and rich, but when you actually go to the country it’s not that rich.

He told us that every school he went to visit was very poor and broken, because some school’s didn’t have enough money to pay their teachers. Many teachers only worked four days a week.

Anyway apart from all of that. I think that we are one the richest kids in the world because we all have a chance to have a good education. We also have good teachers who help us throughout our learning. Another thing why I think we are one the richest kids in the world is because our parents have good jobs and also their pay is very good compared to some other countries.

We are very privileged because of what we have and what we own around here. I know that sometimes when we have an abundance of things like food we don’t like, we just waste them when we really shouldn’t be.

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