Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I think my report wasn’t that bad. I just think that I have to work on a few things and try and achieve them before the end of the year .

The things that I need to work on at home is to practice my writing. I have to use more specific vocabulary. My writing has to be really interesting so that when other people read it they will be hooked into it.

I know that I have to work hard and study hard this year because next year I will be attending college. The other things I also have to work on and strive to achieve is using and memorising more strategies to work out problems in maths.

The two things that I am achieving quite low at is my writing and maths. For those two subjects I am at a year 4 level so by the end of the year I have to at least be writing at a year 8 or year 7 level.

For all the subjects there is always an expected level. The level that I’m expected to be at right now is at a level 3A or 4B.

Last night when I sat down with my parents we discussed everything that I needed to work on.

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