Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Staying at the Airport for hours

After our fiafia performance me and my family went to the Auckland airport to wait for my sister who had travelled off to Samoa with some members of her school. It was so boring because we had to wait for ages and ages. Still no one came. But then suddenly we heard all of this noise coming down the hall way which sounded like a bunch of Samoan Kids.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Lovely islands

I LOVE the Islands because they are LOVELY and also stunningly BEAUTIFUL. The Islands make me think of my home country SAMOAbut right now the pictures that are going through my head are of the Tsunami, because a few weeks ago the Tsunami hit Samoa and alsoTONGA which was really sad. But luckily my Mum and Dads side of the country didn't get hit because their Village was on the other side of the big hill.The worst Villages that I have heard of that got hit by the Tsunami was Lalomanu and Poutasi Beach. My Mum was really sad because my Aunty was having a vacation near the beach and she was held up by the Tsunami!!!! We were all very thankful when she returned back safely.
I really hope that other people who have lost family and friends are all safe and coping with this tragedy.

Immersion Assembly

Every start of the term at Point England school we have an immersion Assembly.

An immersion assembly is when our staff and Teachers dress up to give us a hint of what our new theme will be about.
One of my favourite themes has to be either out of Light Fantastic or Around the world in 80 days.

I remember last year when Ms T was dressed as the Ginger bread man. When she was in her costume she was dressed in a disguise suit so that we cant see her face.

At every Immersion Assembly it is really funny because a lot of teachers look really funny like Mrs Telea when she coloured her teeth in with vivid.

Our NZ Rolemodels

As you can see ,Kevin Mealamu,Casey Williams and Joe Rokocoko are all Rolemodels for NZ Rugby Teams and also Netball Teams.

They represent our country in trying to win all their games.
My favourite Netball player is Casey Williams and my favourite rugby player is Richie Mcaw its just because he is the captain for the All Blacks.

Their are also some other people that reprsent our country like Julian Dean and Mahy Drysdale.
Their are also plenty more but I can only think of these 2.

casey williams

James Rolleston

The youngster James Rolleston is a very good actor I think that's why he got to be boy in the movie BOY.

James told what now that the reason why he got he got to act in the movie was because a lady came into their classroom and asked if their class would like to act in an upcoming movie which was BOY.

By the way his school is down in Christchurch.
James also told what now that he was not meant to be Boy it was actually his friend Kingi. But when they kept on auditioning 3 days later they announced James as boy.

James is really proud of himself because that little movie made him famous.
I can also say that his movie is great because of all the people that participated in making the movie. I hope that another series of Boy comes out soon.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have you seen Kaitangata Twitch

Every Sunday night I watch a half an hour movie which is called Kaitangata Twitch.

The movie Kaitangata Twitch is about a girl called Meredith. Meredith is kind of like the hero in the movie. What Meredith does in the movie is to try and stop her mum's ex friend from trying to build a Mansion on Kaitangata.

Kaitangata is a name of a mountain.
Their are also some other people in the movie who are hero's as well one of them was an old man. The thing about the old man is that he keeps on getting bad visions about what is going to happen to Kaiatangata.

Anyways you can here more about this movie later on this term.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Davids uppercut to the mat!!!

David Tua's decade long dream of becoming world heavyweight champion was significantly shaken yesterday when he was dropped to the canvas for the first time in his 56- fight professional career.

It was a very lucky draw yesterday when
Monte 2 gonz Barrett uppercut ted our man Tua to the mat. It was a very lucky draw in
the end because they both boxed very well until the 12th ro
In the end Monte 2 gonz Barrett said that everyone knew that he should of one but no.
I think the reason why he didn't win was because he was trying to block Tua's left hook.