Friday, May 28, 2010

Our ruthless game against Henderson intermediate

On Friday the 3rd of June the rugby girls were transported away at Henderson to play a rugby game against them. When we got there we went straight off to the field to get warmed up. When it was about past twenty minutes time we were playing. Henderson kicked off. I was very excited because I knew that my team was going to try their best because as we already knew most of the Henderson girls were very big and very strong I know that my girls were ready and were really excited at the time they also knew that size doesn't matter. At the end we lost but we still know that we tried our best because CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP.

Our next game is against Manuwera which is a home game.

Good Luck to your next game girls.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My supporting classmates

My classmates are really supportive and they are also really helpful.
The thing that I like about my classmates is that they are always kind and they are really supportive. My teacher is another person who I would like to thank and to reward because she has also been helpful to me. I will never forget my classmates and my teacher Ms Tito and my classmates mates because they were the people who inspired me to blog to sing songs and to get into alot of sports groups.

The girl who inspires me to love singing is one of my BFFS Etta!!!