Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Term 2 Highlight

This term was very cool because of our Science Roadshow trip down at Tamaki College, Netball and our Glee Club and Hip Hop practices.

This term all of our netball girls have gone down to the Auckland Netball courts every Tuesday after school to play tough games against other school’s from around Auckland. I chose netball as a highlight because this term we have had a really tough netball season. The game that was really challenging for us this term would have to be our last game that we played against Baradene.

It was a really challenging game for us because both our team and their team were all very good. When we played I went on as Goal Keep. I wasn’t really nervous about playing them because we had already played against them at the start of the term.

At the end of our game it was 26 - 24 to Baradene. We were all really gutted that we lost we had no idea that they would of took out at the end. But still I think we have had a really good netball season it wasn’t too bad at least we still won some of games.

All our netball teams have had a great season this year even our little year 4’s and 5’s.

Glee’s also been another highlight for me because I have really enjoyed working with the Tamaki tutor’s that come to teach us the dances that we are going to perform next Thursday at our school assembly. I really can’t wait.

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