Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Argument Writing

If an earthquake hit Auckland three times, would you move to another province or town.

Well if an earthquake hit Auckland three times I would and not think of moving because the first reason is because , When I first came to NZ I lived in GI.

The only time I would move from here is when there would be several earthquakes like over night then I would think of moving with my family. If I would have to move I would move to back to where I came from which is Samoa , man I wouldn’t wait to go back there because I haven’t been there for 11 years now because I came to NZ when I was only 1 years old.

If there was an earthquake that hit our area I wonder what it would be like. Sometimes I always think that I can picture stuff like an earthquake.
When I picture it I see people running around and they all look like there lost
| and they cant believe that this just happened, like how the tsunami hit Samoa it’s very heart breaking to see those who have owned houses or companies to go back there and see that everything has just been destroyed. Just fingers crossed that there will be no earthquake hitting Auckland.

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