Friday, May 27, 2011

How Cellphones have changed over time

Intro - Do you know how cellphones have changed over time? Well I do. If you don’t well you can read all about it right here right now.

Back in the oild days cellphones used to be very big that back then people called it a brick. Some were about the same size of it. One of the teachers in our classroom told us that her family didn’t have mobile phones or a land line when she was young.

The cellphones we use these days are totally different because there are all sorts of types of brands like Nokia, Vodafone, Telecom, i - phones, Samsung, Panasonic and Blackberry. It is also different because the cellphones these days can be used for texting and calling, but back then they only used it for calling.

The cellphones these days seem like they have been around for about 100 yrs ago but no they were only invented in the year 1973 which was about 38 years ago.

Phones in our days are very expensive they can cost $50 up to $1,000. In the phones that cost up to $1,000 they should have Games , Torch , Calculator , calenders and even music too and it’s very own camera.

People who can own phones would be people who work like adults. One reason why adults take phones to work is so that they can contact and communicate with others in their families and others that they maybe work with. Other people like teenagers and even kids could own a phone also contact and communicate with there parents and friends.

The cheapest phones that you can probably buy would be about $35. I can remember because one of my cousins got to own a phone of there own which cost about $30.

Another person I know of who owns a phone is my mum. My mum’s phone that she has now cost around about $250. I can’t get a phone right now because my mum and dad say that I am too young to have one.

I remember when I was 10 yrs old I had one but then it got taken off me because I didn’t look after it properly.

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