Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Zinger Pinger Friend

My Zinger Pinger is the the best Zinger Pinger in the whole world because it is very talented. It can dance, sing and even jerk. It’s name is Xiao Dre and he is very good at karate. Xiao Dre’s skin color is light brown and he has cute big blue eyes. Xiao Dre has his own very special power and that special power is that he can read peoples minds which is really cool.

Xiao Dre is an only child in his Zinger Pinger family but he was abandoned by his owner Randy. Xiao Dre and I lived in China for 8 years but then we moved to New Zealand because we heard that there was going to be a Tsunami. Xiao Dre’s Favorite celebrity is Lady Gaga but Xiao Dre really really likes Justin Bieber because of his hair style . Xiao Dre is really interested in Lady Gaga because of her big weird dresses.

In Xiao Dre’s spare time he likes to read books write songs and ride on his BMX. Xiao Dre’s best friends are Winny the Pooh,Barney and Elmo . The island that you see on the top left corner is Xiaos Dre's island. The islands name is Stinger.

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  1. Hey Mauina,
    I really like your zinger pinger friend, I think its really cute. Your story is really interesting keep on the good work....

    Love Etta<3


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