Friday, May 20, 2011

Immersion Rotations

For Term 2 we are learning about Bigger,Better,Faster and Stronger. I think that the whole point of this topic is to research old historic things and do a prototype and make it Bigger,Better,Faster and Stronger.

I reckon that that best Immersion rotation so far for me would have to be with Ms Tito. With Ms Tito we learnt about Creativity.

We had to create our name with different shapes of letters of the alphabet. It was very exciting because Ms Tito showed us her classes names and they were actually pretty good.

So far Henry’s was the best because he did his name in graffiti. My one is just random I didn't really use my imagination.

For this creativity activity it is actually a competition between all the classroom students and teachers. The prize for this is if you win you will get to throw water balloons at your whole classroom.

Immersion with Mrs Nua was very cool. We were going to get given a raw egg but first of all we had to build something to stick the egg in so that when it is time to drop the egg it doesn't crack.

The only materials that we got to use were ten drinking straws,6 ice block sticks and sticky tape.

In my group was myself,Mui and Sharon. We tried our best to stop our egg from cracking. The whole point of this was to drop the egg without it cracking. Ours cracked within minutes because it slipped out from under neath the straws.The groups egg that I know of that didn't crack was Daniels group. There one was actually decorated and made very carefully.

Innovation with Mr Harris was pretty good and really cool because we had to research old historical things like old telephones , old computers , old cars even to old types of toilets.

Firstly Mr Harris told us about his own families toilet that they had at there house when he was very young.
He told us that there toilet was not in there house. It was outside about 10 steps away. The most disgusting thing about the toilet was because it’s not like the toilets we use now it was actually different because the toilet back then had a bucket under neath where you do business.

The other worse thing about it was because about every week there would be a man who comes and collects the bucket and yep that sounds really disgusting. But Mr Harris told that the most disgusting thing that would happen was if the man who came to collect the bucket fell and everything that was in the bucket tipped on him.

Well I was researching I saw that telephones thy used back then were really different some of them were really big and they were used as mobile phones.

Mr Harris also told that he had a phone just like that. But then he got a new one,I was actually cracking up at this time because Mr Harris told us that he had a new phone. I actually thought that when he told us it was a new phone I thought of it as a mobile phone that we have these days but no.

At Mr Barks classroom we did Practicality. Mr Barks also told us a story about him and an old class he had. He told us that him and his whole class found bits and pieces of and old leaf blower so they decided to collect all the pieces and put it altogether. It worked and worked for a long but Mr Barks has changed a few things on it. He put a long pipe on it so that he wouldn't need to bend down all the time.

And from then on it is still working. We also learnt about how scissors were invented the scissors were invented by a scientist and his name is Leonardo Da Vinci.

It was very funny at this moment because Mr Barks said that one day he looked out his window and saw that his next door neighbour was cutting the grass with scissors which was really funny. But the reason why his neighbour was using a scissors was because the neighbour didn't have one so Mr Barks lended the neighbour his one to borrow just for the day.

Finally with Mrs Langitupu we did Imagination. For Imagination there were 6 tables with 6 pieces of paper on there. On each of the papers there were questions one of the questions were what would you like your house to be made out of.

My answer was that I wanted my house to be decorated with all the money of the world and I also wanted a house made out of chocolate but the only problem was that if it was sunny then my house would melt. But I also thought of another idea I thought that my house would be better off somewhere in the cold like Antarctica.

There were also questions like if you had a imaginary dance what would it’s name be. My one was that I would call my dance group the shakers.

During the Immersion rotations we learnt heaps about our topic Bigger,Better,Faster,Stronger.

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