Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How we need to earn points for our classroom

50 pts - bin it award
50pts - lunch box heroes
50pts - 1st class at assembly
50pts - best class at assembly
10pts principal award
10pts - karakia mihimihi

Points are also given to students doing the right thing throughout the day. Some examples are sitting and eating, picking up rubbish in the street and random acts of kindness.

To earn points for our class we have to be either first to our school assembly and even the best class that sits there throughout the whole hour. Those aren't the only ways you can earn points. You can also earn points by getting a principals award, doing karakia or mihimihi, bin it award and lunch box heroes. The amount of points you can possibly earn for either of these is 10 to 50 points.

This term Room 21 have to start earning points because right now on the score board we are very far behind with 225 points. So far room 19 is taking the lead with 590 points. The reason why our class is behind is because we don’t work that hard to earn points. The other reason why we don’t get much points is because we hardly remind our teacher to do Lunch box heroes.

When I heard how much points we earned it felt pretty embarrassing because all the seniors were there to hear it . We just need to work harder and do the best we can get point even if it’s 10 point.

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  1. Hi Mauina

    I like the way you explained how we can earn points for our class. Maybe you could remind me to organise our lunch box heroes so that we can enter our names for the draw before assembly on Fridays. Well done.


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