Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Sports Day

I was really excited to hear that the whole of team 5 were going to be having a fun and great time doing and playing games down at the bottom field where there was lots of spare space for us to use and do all the activities.
There were 4 teachers taking each activity. The first teacher we went to was Mrs Lagitupu. With Mrs Lagitupu we played ball tiggy. That ball tiggy wasn't the same as the ball tiggy we usually play nearly everyday. The only thing that was different about this ball tiggy was that we couldn't’t run with the ball.
The instructions were if we got the ball we could only catch the other group by touching the ball not throwing the ball them if we did throw the ball then we would be out of the game.

The first thing we did was Mrs Lagitupu put our whole class into equal groups there were four groups Yellow, Green, Red and Blue I was in team Blue. My team was one of the first teams to start playing with team Team Green.
Our second teacher we went to was Ms Tito. Before we even started walking I had a feeling that Ms Tito’s activity would be challenging well as always.
When we got there we had to sit and wait until everyone was quiet then we would start.

The point of the activity was that we had to aim for a hula hoop that was out on the field and we had to try and flick the ball out of the sling shot into any of the hoops if the ball went into any of the closer hoops our class would get 50points. But if someone got it into the pink hoop which was far out near the middle of the field, We will get 100 points for our group.

The prize at the end of the day for Ms Tito’s activity was that the winning class will get to have a water balloon fight during lunchtime. At the end of the day the class that won was unfortunately not our class but Room 22.

The next teacher we headed off to was Mr Harris. With Mr Harris we had a race the first one we did was we had to put a tennis ball on top of the spoon and also with a rope tied up to my foot and to my partners foot and race to the other side of the field without dropping the ball if we did drop the ball we would of had to go back to the start line and start again.

Last of all was Mrs Nua’s her one was the best because it involved water which was pretty cool.
The aim of Mrs Nua’s activity was all four groups each had one big sponge. With the sponge we have to splot the sponge into a bucket of water the we pass it to the back of our group under legs then to the side. The last person at the back of the line squeezes the sponge into another bucket at the back you have to try to squeeze all the water out of the sponge and into the bucket.

I hope that we carry on doing these kind of activities but every week it should be different activities like next week one teacher should take rugby and one teacher should take another activity because it will be pretty boring if we do the same one every week.

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  1. Mauina all these activities sound extremely fun. When I was in grade school we never did activities like those. I have heard of all of the games except the ball tiggy game. It is like nothing I have played but sounds very interesting. I like you love sports. I actually play college soccer at the University of South Alabama. I am a center back if you are familiar with soccer. I figured you would be sense I read in your about me that you like sports. I look forward to reading more of your post.


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