Thursday, August 4, 2011


In the holidays it was boring for me because I didn’t do that much things. I just stayed home watched some DVDs and hopped on to Facebook. I didn’t do much because my dad had surgery on his knee. The hospital he was at was Mercy Ascot which is just in town. His operation took 2 days and now it will take 3 or 4 months for him to recover.

The doctors haven’t allowed him to drive but he still does because he says that he doesn’t feel any pain anymore. In the first place the only reason why it was so painful was because the nurses didn’t stitch his cuts up.They stapled it. The injury was quite old, but the doctors had to straighten the bone. I’m not sure how his knee got injured in the first place.

Also on Sunday I went over to my cousins house in Otara. I have many cousins. When I got there we watched a movie called ‘The Despicable Me’ and then we went and played outside. This time my dad didn’t drive. My sister and I just caught the bus to see them.

When my sister and I finished hanging out with them we decided to go visit my aunty who lives on Harris Road in Otara. I went there just to catch up and see how her family was doing. She told me that her husband went back to Samoa to bring their baby girl back to New Zealand . They arrived yesterday morning. During the weekends they are going to come and visit us. I I wonder what I will do for my next holiday.

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