Friday, November 4, 2011

(Our planet experience using balloons)

I was really looking forward to do the experience that we were doing yesterday. I couldn’t wait to find out more information about our solar system.

Yesterday our class attempted to do a planet experience with balloons outside, but unfortunately it started raining so we just did our experience inside our classroom.

From the experience I found out that everything in our solar system orbits (moves around) in the same direction. During this experience 10 kids from my class were chosen to blow up balloons. These balloons that they were blowing up were our planets so it was pretty cool because we acted the balloons like the planet’s, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the Dwarf planet Pluto.

Sharon had the yellow balloon so she had to stand in the center because the center is where the sun sits in our solar system. Second came Mercury, because Mercury is the closest to the sun it doesn’t mean that it is the hottest . Mercury is actually the fastest moving planet. Second came Venus . If you compare Venus and Earth they are almost the same size. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.

Third was Earth, I learnt lots about our earth, Earth isn’t the hottest or the fastest moving planet, I mean this by it moves around slowly so that how I know that it is actually perfect. The reason why people live on earth is because there is air and we can actually breathe in oxygen.

When we finished learning info about Earth we then moved on to Mars. The planet Mars is known as the red planet because of it’s colour. The planet looks like a little rock that has just come flying out of a volcano.

The fifth planet we learnt about was the biggest planet which is called Jupiter. The only thing I like about Jupiter is the colour, It has a light creamy colour.
Our next ballooned planet was Saturn. In our solar system Saturn is known as the only planet with rings around it, The rings are made out of ice.
The planet we last of all spoke all about was the planet Pluto.
The information that I know about Pluto is that in 2006 it was downgraded to a dwarf planet because scientists said that it was too small to be a planet. I reckon Pluto looks a bit like the moon. In our experience Kamire was holding up Pluto.

The experience we had I think should of had a moon because the moon is also in our solar system. Our moon for real it does not have light it is actually our sun that reflects it’s light onto the moon so that the moon can shine when it’s night time.

So from learning about the moon the sun and the planets I’ve known that the sun must be like the most important thing that is out their because if we had no sun our earth will just be cold like Pluto is now and we’ll have nothing to keep us warm, We also might not see anything. I think that if we had no sun on this earth then no one will know when it’s night or daytime.

I really enjoyed this experience but at times it got boring because some people were just making lots of noise.

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