Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Taonga Team

This Term all of Team 5 swapped Taonga Time groups. Last Term I was with Mr Jacobsen and this term I’m with Mrs Telea. I was really looking froward to go to Mrs Telea’s group because she told us from the begining when we first started Taonga time she told us that it would be heaps of fun in her class because we will be able to do filming on our own with our own little group.

Last Week Mrs Telea gave us a Fairy Tale to do, my group did Godilocks and the three little bears. At first I was confused because I forgot all about what that fairytale was about.
In my group was Me Athena, Nathaniel, Annexe and Richard. It was so funny when we were filming because Richard was the big Papa Bear I was Mamma bear Annexe was Godilocks and Nathaniel was camera man and also director.

We went to film our movie inside our school library and we also used the outside field.
When all the groups finished filming we all came back to the ICT room to show our movies.
When it came to our groups movie I was totally sure that the teacher wouldn’t like it because we didn’t really do that much talking and we also didn’t do different angle shot’s.

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