Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This morning Room 21 headed off to the courts for our first tennis lesson with Marcelle.
Before we even started we all had to get one racket and one tennis ball each. Then Marcelle set some challenges for us. One of the most hardest challenges was when we had to hit the tennis on the flat side and then on the hard side which was the smaller side. It was a hard challenge. The easiest challenge for me was when we had to flip the racket over well the ball was on top.

Next we had to find a partner. My partner was Mui. One of us had to go on one side of the net and the other had to stay on the other side. All of my side had to put our rackets down so we only had to have our tennis balls so that we could throw it under arm to our partner on the other side. It was so funny when I first threw it to Mui because she hit it not to me but the tennis ball went right pass me.

Then the real game happened instead of the game being tennis Marcelle named it the king of the court. For this game everyone that was on each of the courts had to all line up in one line . The person in our group that I think was really good is Sharon because she won nearly everything.

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