Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holiday Highlight

Holiday highlight

Wow it was that time again it was the end of term 3 already and we were all off for our two week holiday.

My holiday highlight was the last day which was yesterday even though I had two weeks of holiday I really didn’t do anything at all because it was so boring for the first . The only part I liked for the first week was when it was my birthday.

I really liked yesterday because I went with our church youth to Okahu bay and we played sports like volley and touch. It was so cool and it was really funny.
Apart from all that there was also something else that I really enjoyed. It was our church General Conference which was held at the Lunn Ave LDS chapel.

The conference was so long that it took 6 hours it had started at 9:00am all the way through to 2:00pm. This conference was for everyone in the whole world who were Mormons.
At this conference our leading Prophet and his first and second counsellors spoke to us for at least one and a half hours . There were also some other people like our young women and young men’s leaders.

My favourite talk was when it was our Prophet talking our prophets name is Prophet Thomas s. Monsen he is really funny and he told us lots of amazing things about him that has happened in his life and he also shared with us and the rest of the mormons the great blessings that he had received when he first became a member of the church.

The funniest story he told us was when he was a little boy his older brother took the washing to the Laundry when he had left Thomas s. Monsen just remembered about his five dollars that he had left in the back pocket of his jeans that he wore. So he prayed about his five dollars that his heavenly father can keep it safe. Everyone all started laughing when he said that. I started thinking to myself and thought that his five dollars might get all soggy and rip apart.
But when he heard his brother came back with the washing he sprinted down stairs to go look for his jeans and wow I couldn’t beleive it he had found his five dollars just sitting in the pocket.

When he told us I was totally amazed and now I know that for sure blessings are true and they can happen whenever or wherever.
At end of the conference I went home so tired and sleepy so when I got home I fell into a deep sleep.


  1. Hi Mauina

    I enjoyed reading about your holiday highlight. It sounds like you had a great experience at your Church Youth conference. I liked the line 'blessings are true and they can happen whenever or wherever'. Well done.

  2. What a fabulous post Mauina. You have written a great report on your Youth conference and I like the way you shared the important messages from the conference.

    Have a great term

    Mrs Burt


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