Monday, November 22, 2010

Surf Life saving ED at Mairangi Bay

Last Friday the year 7s drove off by bus to Mairangi Bay where we were going to learn about surf life saving education. When we got to Mairangi Bay we were introduced to a life guard her name was Rosie. Rosie told us lot's about Mairangi bay she also talked to us about being safe in the water and things that we need when we go to the beach.

During Morning tea we played some touch on the sand after morning tea we played Life Guards coming with the life guards hahaha isn't that funny. I really want to go back there because the waves were beautiful and the sea there wasn't that cold it just felt a little cold but to me it was all goods. Actually we might go back there to fund raise for our schools wheelie day because Mr Burt told us that heaps of little kids kept coming up to him and asking him if we can have a wheelie day at our school.

One of my high lights was when I was Boogie boarding facing to shore and then I didn't know that there was a big wave coming up behind me but then I knew because everyone were shouting out to me that there was a big wave coming towards me I turned around and I was swept off my feet I was getting really worried at that stage because I couldn't feel the ground all I felt was my body sinking down into the deep blue ocean.

Going to Mairangi Bay to learn about Surf Life Saving was a big experience for me I really learn't alot about the different waves that occur when we are out at sea. I now know which are the BAD waves and the GOOD waves.

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