Thursday, November 18, 2010

Earth worms


1.Segmented worms are annelids. Segmented means a part that is cut off or can be separated from the rest of something,as in a segment of an orange.
2.Their skin is moist and they are covered by a film of mucus. Mucus is thick and also slimy which develops in your nose and throat when you have a heavy cold.
3.Worms are decomposers.This means that they eat soil,dead and decaying material.
4.The non-living material is mixed as it passes through their guts and is recycled back into the soil. This means that when they eat food and it comes through their guts it is then been turned into soil.
5.worms aerate the soil turning it over and remixing it.
6.The soil is very invaluable for healthy soil which means you can probably use the soil for gardening.And last but not least everyone should know that Earthworms can also lay eggs!!!!!!!!

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