Thursday, September 29, 2011

Term 3 Highlight

This term one of my favorite highlights has to be learning about the RWC. The reason why I liked learning about the RWC is because it is held in New Zealand which means that all 20 World cup Teams will be coming here. The first game that started off the world cup was Tonga and New Zealand. The team that I am cheering for is the Manu Samoa.

My second highlight was when we went to see Harold and Lynn at the Life Education Caravan. We went to see them once a week. Lynn taught us about how illegal drugs can effect our bodies and how we live. The most dangerous drugs are Herowen and other drugs like P and Marijuana.

My third and most remembered highlight for this term is when all of Team 5 had a silly sports day on Tuesday which was held down on our school bottom field. There were four activities that were being held by all our Team 5 teachers. My favorite activity was with Mrs Nua because we were using water which I found very exciting. The reason why I wanted to get wet was because I was feeling so hot like a sausage sizzling on the BBQ waiting to be eaten.

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  1. Hey Mauina,
    I really enjoyed reading your highlights, because they were some of my highlights too. My team that I am going for is England and Manu Samoa. I really liked how you described how hot you were feeling at the end.

    Keep up the good work.
    Love Etta


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