Monday, July 26, 2010

The Lovely islands

I LOVE the Islands because they are LOVELY and also stunningly BEAUTIFUL. The Islands make me think of my home country SAMOAbut right now the pictures that are going through my head are of the Tsunami, because a few weeks ago the Tsunami hit Samoa and alsoTONGA which was really sad. But luckily my Mum and Dads side of the country didn't get hit because their Village was on the other side of the big hill.The worst Villages that I have heard of that got hit by the Tsunami was Lalomanu and Poutasi Beach. My Mum was really sad because my Aunty was having a vacation near the beach and she was held up by the Tsunami!!!! We were all very thankful when she returned back safely.
I really hope that other people who have lost family and friends are all safe and coping with this tragedy.

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